Data Science – The Ultimate Face-Off: Data Science vs IT – Which Offers Bigger Opportunities?

Data Science and IT are both fields that have grown increasingly important in the growing digitized world of today. While Data Science is about dealing with data and extracting insights from it, IT is about ensuring the smooth functioning of IT infrastructure. The two professions may appear to be distinct from one another, but there is a significant amount of overlap between them. This overlap confounds people who aspire to take up a career in either of these fields; however, both fields offer lucrative opportunities that one can leverage to build a successful career.

Data Science vs IT: the Differences and Similarities:

While the primary objective of IT is to ensure the smooth performance of various computer systems and maintain a secure IT infrastructure, Data Science is centered on making sense of the available data. The data can come from numerous sources and may be unstructured, semi-structured, or structured, meaning it may not be organized.

In IT, professionals need expertise in setting up, configuring, and maintaining computer systems, networks, servers, and storage facilities. It includes IT support roles, software development, network administration, and more. In contrast, most of the work in Data Science revolves around programming, machine learning, distributed computing, data analysis, data visualization, and AI.

Opportunities in Data Science:

Data Science jobs are some of the most highly sought-after opportunities in the industry today. The healthcare industry, retail, finance, and marketing sectors require Data Science experts to analyze data and obtain insights that will help improve their operations and decision-making. Jobs in Data Science are also intellectually stimulating, and one can be creative and innovative with problem-solving. However, Data Science requires advanced coding skills and statistical knowledge that isn’t required in most IT roles.

Opportunities in IT:

IT, on the other hand, is a rewarding and dynamic career field that attracts talented individuals who are dedicated to providing IT support, managing databases, and maintaining robust infrastructures. There are several IT roles that aspiring IT professionals can opt for, ranging from IT support, cybersecurity, software development, system administration, among others. IT roles also offer stable employment opportunities and excellent remuneration.

Which Field Offers Bigger Opportunities?

As the digital world continues to evolve, both IT and Data Science will become increasingly important in the future. The demand for IT professionals, given the rapidly growing number of online businesses, cloud computing, and cybersecurity threats, will continue to grow. The demand for Data Science professionals is also expected to surge, with businesses seeking insights from the ever-growing plethora of data.

So, which field offers bigger opportunities? It’s difficult to pick, as both fields offer plenty of opportunities and a chance for professionals to develop expertise and specialize in different areas. It’s worth noting that one way to bridge the gap between the two professions is to pursue a career in Data Science with a focus on IT management. This combination of skills is increasingly in demand across industries, and such cross-functional skills can help professionals to position themselves better in the job market.


The decision to pursue a career in either IT or Data Science will ultimately hinge on an individual’s preferences, interests, and skill sets. Both fields offer rewarding careers and a chance to work on exciting and challenging projects. Regardless of the path one chooses, focusing on developing the required technical and critical thinking skills is vital to thriving in the ever-evolving world of technology.

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